Thermal Sticker Labels, Self-Adhesive Round Direct Thermal Labels, Multi-Purpose Roll Sticker Labels for DIY Logo Design, QR Code, Name Tag, Inventory-750 Labels/1 Roll
There are 4 rolls of green thermal round labels in a box, each roll has 750 labels and the label size is 50mm.
MUNBYN green thermal round labels are environmentally friendly and BPA and BPS-free.
The 50mm green thermal round labels can be used as labels or stickers in a number of different situations.
The 2" green thermal round sticker label can print clear images and is waterproof and oil-proof.
We offer three rolls of green direct thermal round labels as a kit, with 750 labels per roll.
We offer four rolls of green direct thermal round labels as a kit, with 750 labels per roll.
We offer five rolls of green direct thermal round labels as a kit, with 750 labels per roll.

MUNBYN 2" Circle Direct Thermal Sticker Labels Starter Kit | Green

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· Size: 2x2" (50.8x50.8mm)

· Direct Thermal Label. Black-Print Only.

· Printing your logo for branding and promotions

· A tiny badge of loyalty or memo you can stick on teacups, bags, laptops, and more.

Type:3 Roll
Thermal printers are printing MUNBYN round labels as custom birthday gift stickers.

About this item

  • [Specifications]: Round thermal sticker with the size: 2" circle (750 Labels/Roll, 1 Roll, White/Pink/Green/Very Peri),Paper tube diameter:1.19"(30mm) Paper roll diameter:3.35"(85mm). No Ink Toner or Ribbons Needed!
  • [Good Compability]: These labels are compatible with MUNBYN, Zebra, Rollo, Polono, and most thermal printers with a print width adjustable to 2".
  • [Use Advantage Collection]: These sticker labels are also BPA and BPS free, waterproof, oil-proof, and writable, making them a great choice for businesses that need to label products or equipment.
  • [Wide Applicability]: The thermal label can be used for Name tag, Thank you sticker, Brand design, Diy design, QR codes, Classified label, Size label, laboratory number labeling, etc. You can even use them to label your kitchenware and bath supplies or to sort your shoes, bags and clothes.
  • [Technical Support]: MUNBYN Provides free lifetime customer support for any product issues via live chat, phone calls, and emails, even remote-desktop operations support as you need.
MUNBYN 50mm coloured round thermal labels can be used as food labels.

MUNBYN Multifunctional Thermal Sticker Labels

Important information

Warm tips:

  • Because different brands of printers' default label paper size may be slightly different. 
  • Before use, you can let the printer do a simple calibration action to identify the label paper you purchased to prevent paper jams.

The label size calibration steps are as follows:

  • Load at least four consecutive labels of label roll into the printer.
  • Turn on the thermal label printer
  • Press and hold the FEED button.
  • Release the button when you hear one 'Di' sound.
  • Your printer will calibrate the label size and properties automatically.