MUNBYN honeycomb paper is made from recycled materials, making it an environmentally friendly option.

16 Fragile Lables &Twine

1:1.6 Stretch Ratio

No Need Cut

Make Your Packaging more Refine

Honeycomb paper can be used for wrapping gifts, perfumes, scented candles, jewelry, flowers, fruits, electronic products, wine boxes, and other items. 

How to use honeycomb packing paper?

  • Determine how much paper you’ll need to properly protect your item. Tear or cut the necessary amount of paper from the roll.
  • Wrap your item in the packing paper until it is well protected, using multiple layers if necessary.
  • For items like cups, mugs and glasses, stuff packing paper inside to prevent breakage.
  • Secure the packing paper in place with string.
  • When packing items in moving boxes, use extra paper to fill any empty spaces to prevent movement during transportation.
Using MUNBYN pink honeycomb paper can make your products look more professional and well-packaged.

Honeycomb packing paper is an eco-friendly alternative to bubble cushioning wrap that is becoming increasingly popular in e-commerce for protecting fragile products during shipping.

Its honeycomb structure helps prevent breakage during transit or movement. This biodegradable cushioning kraft paper degrades in around 120 days and its raw materials are FSC-certified.

To use it, simply tear the required size from the roll and twist it, gently squeezing to fill the object for better protection. It’s ideal for packaging fragile items like glassware, vases, plates and pottery to keep them intact and prevent them from colliding and shattering. You can also use it to fill gaps between objects and the moving box to prevent shifting during travel.