MUNBYN 2" Color Printing Thermal Label Stickers, Multi-Purpose Blue Thermal Stickers for Small Business-750 Labels/1 Roll
The size of the MUNBYN blue and white round thermal label is 50mm.
MUNBYN 2" blue on white thermal labels are different from traditional thermal labels.
MUNBYN 50mm blue printing thermal label stickers make the packages more colorful and eye-catching.
MUNBYN 2" colour blue-printing thermal label stickers are sticky and long-lasting.
MUNBYN 2" Color Printing Thermal Label Stickers can be used for logo, packaging, classification, stickers and discounts.

MUNBYN 2" Blue Printed Thermal Sticker Labels

Sale price$22.99 AUD
Tip: Only blue is output on this type of label. Barcode printing is not recommended, Colored barcodes cannot typically be read by barcode scanners.

· Creativity. Not constrained by traditional forms and colors.

· No ink toner or ribbons are needed.

· Size: 2"x2" (50.8x50.8mm). 750 Labels/Roll.

MUNBYN 50mm blue-on-white thermal labels
MUNBYN blue-on-white thermal labels will make product packaging more personal.
MUNBYN 50mm circle thermal labels work with most thermal printers.
MUNBYN label printer is printing blue and white thermal stickers for packaging.
MUNBYN blue on white thermal labels are perfect for a variety of applications, including shipping, inventory, and product labeling.
thank-you stickers for packaging
thank-you stickers for packaging
thank-you stickers for packaging
thank-you stickers for packaging
thank-you stickers for packaging

Tired of the same black-and-white labels? If you want a package or shipping thermal label that will make a significant impact, go with a label with a blue output colour. Blue has long been connected with the sea and the sky. It's a strong, bright colour that you can use to highlight important information on your labels.

This eye-catching colour will make your labels stand out from the crowd. You can be confident that your labels will stay put and look excellent, whether you're mailing parcels or envelopes. The white thermal label will print in a deep blue colour that is both professional and eye-catching. Because the hue is clearly readable, it is appropriate for many sorts of packaging demands.

These blue-on-white-label rolls are compatible with the MUNBYN label printers. Make your images, notes, etc., stand out using bright blue printed materials. When exposed to heat, thermal labels become blue. They are useful for shipping as well as other applications, such as marking items and equipment. These labels will adhere to most surfaces securely without curling or coming off. They are also waterproof, making them suitable for use in industrial environments.