Pine Tree Direct Thermal Stickers Labels | 500 Labels Per Roll
Direct  Thermal Stickers Multi Purpose Adhesive Paper for Small Business DIY Name Tags Barcode
 the direct thermal labels are suitable for envelope seal, color coding for inventory, business labeling, laboratory number labeling, DIY logo or QR code, or act as name tag, reward sticker, thank you label sticker, classified label, size label, sorting label your shoes, bags, clothes and more
the direct thermal labels are suitable for Logo stickers, Vibrant color, stick well to anything.
Direct Thermal Stickers. can be widely applied at warehouse, retail, home, classroom,
Munbyn Multi-Purpose Clear Self-Adhesive Label for Australia post.
 direct thermal labels
Plane Tree Direct Thermal Easter Stickers Labels | 500 Labels Per Roll

Pine Tree Direct Thermal Stickers Labels | 500 Labels Per Roll

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1. The label must be used with the label holder, the effect will be better. Without the use of the label holder, the label cannot be printed continuously, and the paper will become a crepe.
2. When setting the color of the template font, please use a dark color. Dark colors are good for printing.
3. If the printed pattern is in the opposite direction, please open the print settings and make adjustments as shown below

Template downloads

Tree Size : (3*4 inch)

Download PDF

Hat (Size : 3*3 inch)

Download PDF

Steps For Usage

Strong Adhesive & Crystal Clear Printing

Using only premium-grade material with a strong, long-lasting adhesive, so you don’t have to worry about whether the label will fall off during use, or whether the address can recognize such trivial things, which will help your work better.

BPA & BPS Free, suitable for physical conditions of any age. No Ink Toner or Ribbons Needed. Bright color, fade-resistant; water-smudge-scratch-grease resistant.

Develop your multiple usage scenarios

These multipurpose labels can be used for a number of different home and office applications: barcodes, product identification, pricing tags, address labels, file folders, milk teacup, memo, QR code printing, laboratory number labeling, labeling kitchenware, labeling bath supplies, consignment use, healthcare, governmental work, and all your business needs!