MUNBYN Thermal Christmas Stickers

Give your Christmas packages a festive touch with these charming pine-tree shaped thermal labels.
MUNBYN tree-shaped labels are 3

MUNBYN Christmas Labels - Deliver Warm Wishes

Versatile and practical, pine tree-shaped labels are perfect for all your Christmas mailing needs.

Multi-Purpose for Christmas Decoration

Great Quality-BPA And BPS Free

MUNBYN Christmas thermal labels are BPA & BPS-Free.MUNBN tree-shaped labels are oilproof and waterproof.


1. The label must be used with the label holder, the effect will be better. Without the use of the label holder, the label cannot be printed continuously, and the paper will become a crepe.
2. When setting the color of the template font, please use a dark color. Dark colors are good for printing.
3. If the printed pattern is in the opposite direction, please open the print settings and make adjustments as shown below

Celebrate this holiday season with our customizable pine tree-shaped thermal labels.

Steps For Usage

MUNBYN Christmas-tree thermal labels are easy to print.