Munbyn pumpkin-shaped direct thermal labels
MUNBYN pumpkin-shaped thermal labels are perfect for Halloween crafts, decorations, personalized gifts, or even for product labelling at Halloween sales.
Whether you're throwing a Halloween party or organizing a themed event, these pumpkin-shaped labels are sure to add a delightful twist.
Crafted from top-tier materials, MUNBYN pumpkin-shaped thermal labels ensure durability and longevity.
MUNBYN pumpkin-shaped thermal labels are easy to design and apply.
To get the best results, apply the pumpkin-shaped labels from the bottom.
Experience the fun of Halloween with our Pumpkin Shaped Thermal Labels.

[Special Offer] Pumpkin Shaped Direct Thermal Labels | 500 Labels Per Roll

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· Size:  3*2.6 inches. Direct Thermal Stickers.

· More suitable with the Label Holder.

· Direct Thermal Label. Black-Print Only.

· Printing your logo for branding and promotions

· A tiny badge of loyalty or memo you can stick on teacups, bags, laptops, and more.



  • It would be better to be used with the label holder, or the label may not be printed continuously, and the paper will become crepe
  • Please bold the font. It will show better after printing
  • If you find the printed pattern is in the opposite direction, please click the print settings and make adjustments as shown below
MUNBYN pumpkin-shaped thermal labels can be used to decorate gifts.

Template downloads

Pumpkin Size : 3*2.6 (inch)

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Steps For Usage

MUNBYN pumpkin-shaped thermal labels promise excellent durability with their bright, fade-resistant color.

Strong Adhesive & Crystal Clear Printing

Embrace the Halloween spirit with our pumpkin-shaped thermal labels, impeccably designed to add a fun and festive flair to your celebrations. These vibrant orange stickers are shaped like adorable pumpkins, instantly enhancing any Halloween-themed event or project. Transform your Halloween party this year into an unforgettable experience with these unique decorations. 

Easy to use, simply print and tear off the pumpkin-shaped label from the roll, then apply it wherever you desire for a splash of festive charm. Whether you prefer handwritten messages or printed designs, these stickers are up to the task, offering exceptional adaptability.

MUNBYN thermal labels are BPA & BPS Free, making them safe for users of all ages

Develop your multiple usage scenarios

Our thermal labels promise excellent durability with their bright, fade-resistant color. Experience a Halloween filled with fun, creativity, and high quality with our pumpkin-shaped thermal labels. Pumpkin labels can be used as Halloween invitations, thank you stickers, gift bag tags, or scrapbook stickers to make your celebrations memorable.